Welcome back!!!

It has been a REALLY long time since I have done any crafts and it makes me quite sad! I went through a bit of a...craft drought. But now I am back and ready for some projects! We have moved which has sparked my creativity and I am loving it! Theses are some things I have done these past two nights, not being able to sleep! The first is some candle votives. I have had them for a while but wanted to spruce them up a bit. So I was rummaging around and found some twine. I saw it on one of the various blogs that I stalk and totally went for it! P.S. I am REALLY bad at bow tying so please forgive.
Next, Mike & I got these box shelves for our wedding and have never really liked them, always thought they were kind of boring. And today I had an idea and this is where it took me! I love them now!
Anyways, I hope to be getting more things done in the next few days here so stay tuned!!!