One man's trash is one man's treasure!

While driving to church yesterday I spotted this...Someone left it by a dumpster!! Haha talk about dumpster diving! We drove by it and I glanced and immediately thought it would be soo cute above the toilet in the guest bathroom! I have been searching for something to put there for a very long time!! Mike asked me if we should go back and get it and I told him that if it was still there when we are done with church, then we would take it. Luckily for us, it was still there! YAY! It is actually a standing shelf but I don't really like it as a standing shelf, so we are going to put some hooks on it and hang it. It needs A LOT of work done to it, I can't wait to see what it turns into!!


I'm done and I am NOT doing it again.

So yesterday I made a resolution to finish this chair. Andy Porter from "poppies at play" did a post with a lot of REALLY helpful tips! Go check them out, I am sure you will find them handy! I sure did! So I went back to the stripes and used one of Andie's technique and it totally worked! Wahoo!


It took a while but...

Voila!! I am finished! It took about a week to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I was trying to come up with something for my living room...when all along it was staring me straight in the face and I just didn't get it. No wonder nothing came to me that I liked. Mike and I were talking about what we should do with it and where we should put it, and it the thought came...Ethan's room!!! I haven't done ANYTHING with his room because...I don't know why. I am making his room the next room I finish. So we went to home depot and bought this really pretty blue paint. I love it! I covered the backing with green paper and mod podge. I didn't do the step by step pictures because once I got the idea in my head I just kept going and going. Ok ok I forgot but who can blame me?! It took me a week to figure something out for this nightstand and I finished it in one day! Not to mention, I spilled green paint all over my porch...not very smart.Now I know this may sound weird since mod podge is a glue, but that is what I used to seal the top. Mike came up with it and it actually turned out pretty great.


Dining Room Chairs

These are the chairs that came with our dining room table we got when we were first married. Before we moved into our new place, they were sitting in a garage for over a year and boy were they disgusting!!! We have been wanting to cover them for a while now and this weekend we finally got around to it! Woohoo! They look so good, I love them!

This is one of the originals, there are 4 in the set.

This picture doesn't even do any of the stains justice! haha

To cover them we had to dis-assemble the chair.

Here is the pretty fabric. And of course, Mike found it. haha

Staple gun time!!!

The finished chair! I love them! They really bring a lot into the dining room! It's amazing how one thing can completely transform a piece of furniture!


I (heart) the D.I.

So, did you know the D.I. has a backroom? I didn't, but today, my hubby told me about it. I can't believe he has been keeping this secret from me! I usually don't like the D.I. but today made me a true D.I. shopper. My husband found this...Now why is he always the one finding things? Not fair. I guess he just has a better eye than me. I have NO IDEA where I am going to put it, or what I am going to do with it buuuut...I just had to have it. It took some convincing, but it worked! I was all worried that I wouldn't have anything to do while Mike is away this next week but not anymore!!! I will surely be occupied! This picture was taken after we sanded it down. I am a total ditz and forgot to take a before picture. But let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. The detail is what got me! I can't wait to finish this and share it with you all! Stay tuned!!!

Go Green!!

So my little sister-in-law Jasmine saw this vase on Urban Outfitters website and we thought it was pretty cool...
She is "going green" so she thought I should make this. I think it's pretty cute. My re-make isn't as good but I thought I did a fair job. haha I think the next time I do it, I will do a straight vase. Urban Outfitters has a bunch of recycled decorating accessories! Who thought recycled paper could be so cute?!

This is the original vase I bought at the D.I. for $1!!!

All you need is a vase, mod podge, a paint brush, an old magazine, and scissors.

My best friend lately :)

The finished product! I think it turned out ok!