Anyone remember this chair? I don't know what it is, but no matter what I do, I don't like it. When I painted it before, I REALLY liked it. The lines were perfect and asymmetrical, it was awesome. BUT the paint was too thick, so when you would sit on it, you would leave patterns in the paint and it looked horrible. My pants actually stuck to it. Sad day. So Mike sanded it down for me, and I started again. Only this time, I wasn't so pleased. The paint kept seeping through the tape, which happened before, but for some reason the first time was a lot easier. This time, my hand kept shaking and I just couldn't get it right. SO after hours of re-painting and touch-ups, I let my anger get the best of me and sanded it down, once again. Ahhhhh!!! So I decided on something else...Mike says he likes it, but I just can't wrap my head around it. Maybe I took the wrong approach. I did it all my hand, NO TAPE. I don't think it was a good idea. I painted it last week, and have been letting it sit in my living room ever since. I stare at it thinking of new ideas. This chair will be the end of me, I'm sure. What to do, what to do?? I am seriously contemplating sanding it down AGAIN and starting from scratch. I guess we will have to see what happens. I will keep you updated!


These are the candlesticks I found at the thrift store. They turned out pretty great. Practically everything in my living room is black so I decided on a change of pace and painted them white. Then I roughed up the edges a little.

Here they are before I painted them. The one on the left is sanded down and the one on the right is the original.
I like the detail on them. They kind of remind me of chess pieces.
sanded down.
Right before I roughed them up with some sand paper.
The finished product! They were really dull so I sprayed them with some clear glaze and they look really good! I just need to go get some candles for them now! Anyone got ideas for a color?


strawberry bonanza!

My sister used to make this cake when I was little for my birthday. I have loved it ever since! And I made it for Mike when we were first married and he loves it now to! This is the cake I always make for birthdays now. Instead of using frosting, I use whipping cream. Since I'm not really a fan of frosting, I love this! It makes cake a little more sinless for me :) Today is my hubby's birthday and I just wanted to share my yummy creation!


I kind of feel like I have been out of my realm the past few weeks. I haven't done a single project!! What?! That's crazy. So yesterday, I went to the thrift store in desperate search of prospects! And I found some! This one isn't much but I saw it & loved it! I have fallen into an apple theme for my kitchen. How, I have no idea. It kind of just, happened. Decorating with food items aren't exactly my thing, buuuut for my kitchen, I made an exception. :) I never EVER remember groceries that I need. If I write them on paper, I lose the paper. If I try to just remember, I forget. So yes I have been wanting to get a chalkboard for some time now, & when I saw this apple-themed one, I was in heaven! haha it sounds kind of cheesy but I really liked it! I wasn't totally pleased with the chalkboard itself, but the thought of what it could be, I loved. All it needed was a little red paint and it is now my favorite item in the kitchen.

the original
I love the picture on it. It's way cute.
And the finished product! So cute!

I also got these yesterday. They are candlestick holders. My hubby found them! He's so smart! I have started them, but I'm not quite done. I have tried a few things but am not completely satisfied. Finished product coming soon :)


Almost 6 months!

I took these pictures of my little man this morning, and I just had to share!


New blog...

So I decided to start this blog because my family blog was being swarmed with projects! This blog is purely devoted to projects and photoshop! I LOVE feedback and ideas! Also, I would love to see what you guys have to share!!!

Some more!

These are some projects Mike & I have finished in the past few weeks, but I haven't had the chance to blog about them. I guess I haven't not had the time, as much as I just forgot... :) So here they are now!I REALLY needed a place to hang my necklaces. So, Mike got this idea off of a blog...I can't remember which one, it has been too long. We bought this wooden board at the D.I. for a dollar like forever ago! Originally I was going to use it for something else but I just couldn't resist when he mentioned it! I have such a smart hubby! Woo then we painted it black and got some cute knobs at wal-mart and VOILA! It's much better than the door-knob! hahaha
This chair was really sad before I spruced it up! I was just going to paint it black but then ideas started rollin' and it ended up turning out great! I really like it! Don't worry I re-painted it like 5 times before I was actually pleased! I love the stripes, mostly because it's not usually something I would like, but I love this!!
nd this isn't something I really did to be crafty, as much as I just really like this shelf at IKEA and needed something to fill it with! We got our family pictures done after Ethan was born so we used those, and the boyadjian plaque was given to us last last Christmas from my sister Dorothy, the real crafty Lance lady! I really like it so I just wanted to share with you all!

Mirrors covered in paper :)

It's weird, now after being married for almost 3 years and having a kid, there is really nothing else I like to do with my time. Except for hangin' out with my boys of course! haha seriously tho, this is how I spend my Saturday afternoons??? I happen to like it, A LOT. My friend Ashley gave me this idea. I really really loved it so that's what I decided to fill up my empty wall with! The hubby and I went to IKEA this afternoon and bought these great mirrors!!! They are pretty cute and REALLY cheap (only $2.99)! A lot of people have used them to decorate, and I plan on using them in other places in my house!! Then we went to Michael's and bought some craft paper, that's what we used to cover them with! They turned out great! And I like how simple they look on the wall! Now that I have those on one wall, my other wall is starting to look really bare...I guess that means ANOTHER project!!!! yay! They are really versatile, and you could pretty much do anything with them!!

While I was at my mom's house the other day, I did some sewing!!! I bought this fabric to make some throw pillows for the new couch we got about a month ago! I borrowed my sister-in-laws sewing machine, and it broke so I had to find a different way of doing it, so I went to my mom's to use her sewing machine. I have to admit, I haven't sewn in a while so I was a bit curious as to how they would turn out, and I was pleasantly surprised & I now want to buy a sewing machine.

Apples to apples

My mom gave me this too, the other day. It was really ugly, but I think I did a good job at sprucing it up! I put it above the window in my kitchen, and it looks really empty...I think I may have to find something to go with it, but what!? lol It was really easy and I had a lot of fun doing it!

Magnet boards!!!

These are my new magnet boards! My mom gave them to me a while ago, and I got them from her house yesterday because I totally forgot about them until I saw them while I was at her house. So I spent my day sanding and painting!
Yes, I have learned how to use a drill...SCARY!!!

Finished product!
I hung the above my sink but I'm not sure if they will be staying there. If I find something else to go there, then I will move them. But I guess we will see!


New Orleans!

So New Orleans is probably my favorite place to take pictures! The city is so historic and beautiful! When I get my SLR, I am definitely going to be paying the deep south a visit!!! Which is a double benefit because my in-laws live in Baton Rouge!