Dining Room Chairs

These are the chairs that came with our dining room table we got when we were first married. Before we moved into our new place, they were sitting in a garage for over a year and boy were they disgusting!!! We have been wanting to cover them for a while now and this weekend we finally got around to it! Woohoo! They look so good, I love them!

This is one of the originals, there are 4 in the set.

This picture doesn't even do any of the stains justice! haha

To cover them we had to dis-assemble the chair.

Here is the pretty fabric. And of course, Mike found it. haha

Staple gun time!!!

The finished chair! I love them! They really bring a lot into the dining room! It's amazing how one thing can completely transform a piece of furniture!

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Andy Porter said...

Your chairs look gorgeous!! That is the perfect fabric!! NICE!