I (heart) the D.I.

So, did you know the D.I. has a backroom? I didn't, but today, my hubby told me about it. I can't believe he has been keeping this secret from me! I usually don't like the D.I. but today made me a true D.I. shopper. My husband found this...Now why is he always the one finding things? Not fair. I guess he just has a better eye than me. I have NO IDEA where I am going to put it, or what I am going to do with it buuuut...I just had to have it. It took some convincing, but it worked! I was all worried that I wouldn't have anything to do while Mike is away this next week but not anymore!!! I will surely be occupied! This picture was taken after we sanded it down. I am a total ditz and forgot to take a before picture. But let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. The detail is what got me! I can't wait to finish this and share it with you all! Stay tuned!!!

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Becky Green said...

Do you guys live in an apartment? IF you do, HOW do you find space for these kinds of projects?

I don't even have space to store paint and stuff :( What do you use?