Mirrors covered in paper :)

It's weird, now after being married for almost 3 years and having a kid, there is really nothing else I like to do with my time. Except for hangin' out with my boys of course! haha seriously tho, this is how I spend my Saturday afternoons??? I happen to like it, A LOT. My friend Ashley gave me this idea. I really really loved it so that's what I decided to fill up my empty wall with! The hubby and I went to IKEA this afternoon and bought these great mirrors!!! They are pretty cute and REALLY cheap (only $2.99)! A lot of people have used them to decorate, and I plan on using them in other places in my house!! Then we went to Michael's and bought some craft paper, that's what we used to cover them with! They turned out great! And I like how simple they look on the wall! Now that I have those on one wall, my other wall is starting to look really bare...I guess that means ANOTHER project!!!! yay! They are really versatile, and you could pretty much do anything with them!!

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Trav and Alli said...

I love your ideas!! I have had these exact same mirrors from Ikea for 3 years now and I totally just decopaged them thanks to your idea!!! :)