I kind of feel like I have been out of my realm the past few weeks. I haven't done a single project!! What?! That's crazy. So yesterday, I went to the thrift store in desperate search of prospects! And I found some! This one isn't much but I saw it & loved it! I have fallen into an apple theme for my kitchen. How, I have no idea. It kind of just, happened. Decorating with food items aren't exactly my thing, buuuut for my kitchen, I made an exception. :) I never EVER remember groceries that I need. If I write them on paper, I lose the paper. If I try to just remember, I forget. So yes I have been wanting to get a chalkboard for some time now, & when I saw this apple-themed one, I was in heaven! haha it sounds kind of cheesy but I really liked it! I wasn't totally pleased with the chalkboard itself, but the thought of what it could be, I loved. All it needed was a little red paint and it is now my favorite item in the kitchen.

the original
I love the picture on it. It's way cute.
And the finished product! So cute!

I also got these yesterday. They are candlestick holders. My hubby found them! He's so smart! I have started them, but I'm not quite done. I have tried a few things but am not completely satisfied. Finished product coming soon :)

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