These are the candlesticks I found at the thrift store. They turned out pretty great. Practically everything in my living room is black so I decided on a change of pace and painted them white. Then I roughed up the edges a little.

Here they are before I painted them. The one on the left is sanded down and the one on the right is the original.
I like the detail on them. They kind of remind me of chess pieces.
sanded down.
Right before I roughed them up with some sand paper.
The finished product! They were really dull so I sprayed them with some clear glaze and they look really good! I just need to go get some candles for them now! Anyone got ideas for a color?


Tiff said...

I think you should find green candles (like the green in your livingroom).

Mike Boyadjian said...

I was pretty skeptical about these, but they look pretty good how she has them displayed.