strawberry bonanza!

My sister used to make this cake when I was little for my birthday. I have loved it ever since! And I made it for Mike when we were first married and he loves it now to! This is the cake I always make for birthdays now. Instead of using frosting, I use whipping cream. Since I'm not really a fan of frosting, I love this! It makes cake a little more sinless for me :) Today is my hubby's birthday and I just wanted to share my yummy creation!


Dorothy said...

What you didnt double decker the cake!!! Shame on you! I always made it 2 stories thick with whipping cream strawberries and powdered sugar stuffed in the middle. I always loved getting that phone call..."Are you going to make me the starwberry cake for my Birfday?" Memories, I am glad you made the cake for your Hubby!!! Loves!

The Boyadjians said...

lol when I thought about doing the two layers...it was too late and I was way mad. hahaha